Summer 2019 Group Therapy


·      Our groups are designed to meet the needs of each individual in the group.
·      Clients are grouped together based on age and ability. We reserve the right to place clients in an appropriate group based on their intake forms/screening measures.
·      Groups are made up of 3-5 participants.
·      Groups run periodically in 5-6 week intervals.
·      Sessions are approximately 1 hour long (50 minutes of direct treatment and 5 minutes of parent education).  
·      Each group is facilitated by a licensed and certified speech-language pathologist, occupational therapist, psychologist and/or special educator.
·      Groups can only run if at least 3 children confirm.
·      Descriptions/activities of each group are subject to change based on strengths and needs of the participants.

Price: 6-week groups $299.00 / 5- week groups $250.00


Social Skills Group (ages 6-8 years)

*Wednesdays 5:15 from July 10-August 15th

The focus of this group is to improve social skills in a natural and/or therapeutic environment. Group therapy is a great method for treating pragmatic language deficits. Depending on skills and needs of the group, therapeutic activities will focus on improving eye contact, attending to the speaker/listener, turn-taking, initiating conversation, asking questions, maintaining a topic, requesting, making friendships, problem solving etc.

Siblings with Disabilities Support Group (elementary school aged)

*Mondays 4:00 from July 8-August 12th

Children with siblings that have a disability experience a range of emotions about their situation. This group will provide a better understanding of the emotions they feel, give them a safe place to express their feelings and provide them with the understanding of the feeling and how to connect to it. The group will allow the sibling to brain storm on how to handle difficult situations and emphasize on the positive characteristics of having a brother or sister with special needs. Each week will have a fun activity to go along with the theme to create a safe and comfortable environment.

Play Group (ages 3-5)

*Wednesdays 4:00 from July 10-August 15th

Each week will include a nursery rhyme theme, incorporating a variety of age appropriate social skills targets. The group will be geared toward improving your child’s social, emotional, behavioral development, turn taking, attention, self-control and communication skills.

Team Building (ages 9-11)

Mondays 5:15 from July 8-August 12th

Each week the group will participate in a variety of cooperative activities and tasks emphasizing team work and cooperation. The group will work together to overcome obstacles. Each team member will play a vital role in the completion of an activity or they will have to work altogether to achieve their goal. The group will build on confidence and self-esteem as well as participation, collaboration and communication skills. The group will be provided the strategies to achieve appropriate/enhanced communication, conflict management skills, cognitive skills, decision making skills and cooperation!

Mommy/Daddy and Me (ages 3 months-2 years)


This group may be lead by a variety of different therapists and/or educators. The focus of this group is to improve early speech, language and play skills through the use of song, book reading, play and group activities. The group will target early communication skills, vocabulary, speech sounds, sensory play, prelinguistic skills, baby signs, attention and social skills. 

Kindergarten Prep Boot Camp (ages 4-5/entering kindergarten in the fall)

*Tuesdays at 4:00 from July 9-August 13th

Get ready for kindergarten! This group will prepare your child for kindergarten by practicing early reading skills such as sound/letter awareness and recognition, print concepts, sight words, segmenting, blending, decoding and rhyming while participating in fun activities! Group will also target listening and comprehension skills.

Articulation Boot Camp (ages 5-7 years)

*Mondays at 5:00 from July 15-Aug 19

During the summer, children tend to regress in their speech and language goals. This is the perfect group for your child to keep improving on their speech sounds that they’ve been working on all year long. Children will practice their sounds and participate in games, obstacle courses and/or crafts in a group setting. It is helpful, but not mandatory, if the child already has an IEP or a screening with articulation goals to work on.

No-Bake Cooking Class (ages 4-6 years)

*Mondays at 4:00 from July 15-Aug 19

This is a no-bake cooking class that will focus on a child’s ability to explore and manipulate food in a fun, inviting and encouraging environment. This class is aimed towards improving upon your child’s social skills, increasing their food repertoire/intake, and desensitizing food aversions using a multi-sensory approach. This class will be led by a speech-language pathologist and feeding specialist.

Handwriting Club (grades K-3)

* Tuesdays at 5:00 from July 9-Aug 6th (5 weeks only)

Is your child’s handwriting too big, too small, illegible with little to no space in between words? This fun, multi-sensory class will improve your child’s developmental handwriting skills using the recognized Handwriting Without Tears curriculum. This class will be led by a senior occupational therapist with substantial school-based experience.

Sensory-Motor Bootcamp (ages 3-5)

* Thursdays at 5:00 July 11-Aug 8th (5 weeks only)

This group is led by a licensed and certified occupational therapist. The focus of this group is to provide sensorimotor activities, sensory modalities and/or environmental modifications to help the child self-regulate and process sensory input. Activities will include sensory motor-based activities such as obstacle courses or using equipment such as a swing. In addition, the group will allow for social skills to be addressed while providing sensory stimulation.

Sensory Regulation Group (ages 3-5)

* Tuesdays at 4:00 from July 9-August 6th (5 weeks only)

This is a fun group that will address attention, alertness, personal space, modulation, and appropriate social interaction through the use of sensory motor activities. This group will also incorporate yoga and mindfulness.

Fine Motor Through Art (ages 3-5)

* Thursdays at 4:00 from July 11-August 8th (5 weeks only)

This group will strengthen/enhance fine motor skills and self-expression through art. Your child will gain dexterity, fine motor control, eye-hand coordination and strength to work with objects and materials.

*Please email for more information on scheduling or to reserve your child’s spot.