Westchester-Putnam Speech-Language Pathology, PLLC


30 minute sessions - $65

25 minutes of direct contact, 5-minute parent/caregiver education

45 minute sessions - $95

40 minutes of direct contact, 5-minute parent/caregiver education

60 minute sessions - $125

50 minutes of direct contact, 10-minute parent/caregiver education



We offer comprehensive speech and language evaluations, feeding evaluations & cognitive evaluations.




Screenings are conducted during the first session in order to determine a client's current level of functioning. The purpose of the screening is to accurately track a client’s progress, as well as determine the most effective treatment plan. The type of screening conducted will be at the discretion of the therapist based on the client and/or families concerns, case history, diagnosis, and/or current IEP.



Free Consultations

Consultations can be conducted via phone or in-office. During a brief consultation you may discuss your concerns and any other relative information with one of our highly qualified staff members and they will help answer any questions you may have and assist in making recommendations.

After a screening or comprehensive evaluation is completed, a licensed and certified speech-language pathologist will customize an evidence-based intervention plan addressing areas of concern. Our therapists use a variety of methods and techniques in order to best serve our clients. WPTT prides itself on parent/caregiver involvement, therefore our sessions allow for 5-10 minutes of parent/caregiver education in order to facilitate carryover of newly acquired skills.

Services may be provided at the home, school, daycare, camp etc. for an additional $10.00 fee.

**We accept cash, credit or personal checks